Gwyneth Paltrow`s ex-boyfriend opens up about contentious kiss

London: Gwyneth Platrow`s former boyfriend Donovan Leitch has finally opened up about the kiss that they shared at a baseball game, months before her split from Chris Martin.

Leitch insisted that he was just saying goodbye to her and it was purely `innocent`.

He said that they were sitting in the owner`s box in front of 30,000 people right next to her two children, which isn`t exactly the setting for a secret liaison.

Leitch said that the telephoto picture turned it into something more and as the `Shallow Hal` star`s life is constantly under surveillance, it sparked speculations, but the pair has always been close.

He added that he considers Paltrow to be one of his closest friends and they have tons of great friends in common.

Leitch himself was going through a divorce when he was pictured kissing, hugging and laughing with Paltrow during a day out together at a LA Dodgers game in 2013.