Harry Styles spends USD 33K on sexually provocative art

PTI| Updated: Feb 07, 2014, 09:06 AM IST

Los Angeles: One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly spent USD 33,000 on original pieces by artist Hayden Kays, whose work is both provocative and sexual.

These pieces, which were part of the `Hot 100` exhibit, were Kays` last typewriter series, reported E! online.
"Harry bought 20 pieces of artwork by Hayden Kays. He purchased them last week. They are original works and they are all unique. They are not prints. They are all done on the same typewriter. Each piece is hand-typed and produced.
"Each of the artworks cost 1,000 pounds or about USD 1,400
to USD 1,500. The artworks show a level of sentiment and love and affection. They are social commentary and involve mind games...," a source said.
But this is not the first time Styles has copped a few of Kays` works.
"Harry has purchased other artworks in the past. I think three or four. He has aligned himself with Hayden, who is quite controversial in the UK because he questions and prods the establishment," the source added.