Has Poonam turned into a social ‘angel’?

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Voted the hottest strip sensation on the web, Poonam Pandey seems to have had a change of heart. Christened as the bikini queen for posting the raunchiest of pics of hers on Twitter, Poonam, interestingly appears to have turned into a ‘social guide’.

Going by her latest tweets, it clearly suggests that the girl who shook the whole nation by claiming to go nude to celebrate Team India’s World Cup win is transforming into a ‘self-help’ or a ‘motivational guru’ of sorts.

Quoting English author JK Rowling, Poonam tweeted, "Anything`s possible if you`ve got enough nerve."

In another tweet, she posted these wisdom words of Napoleon Hill - "Desire is the starting point of all achievement.”

Some may call it her own personal way of igniting the passionate desire to become successful, but whatever these tweets reflect about Poonam’s state of mind, one thing is clear that the babe definitely has more to offer than just what meets the eye!