Hefner reopens London Playboy Club after 30-year hiatus

London: Hugh Hefner has reopened the London ‘Playboy Club’ 30 years after the gentlemen’s club was shut down.

The new club in Old Park Lane in London’s West End was opened on Friday night.

The club has been billed as an “adult’s playground”, boasting a casino, restaurant and a bunch gorgeous waitresses in bunny costumes, reports the Sun.

The first ‘Playboy Club’ was opened in Chicago in 1960 but the London club known as ‘45 Park Lane’ that was opened in 1966 had changed the game after it became the world’s most profitable casino, raking in 20million pounds in 1981.

However, Hefner’s then right-hand man Victor Lownes was wrongly accused of irregularities by British gaming authorities and the gaming license was revoked that led the London club to close down.


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