Helen Mirren set Willis, Malkovich’s pulses racing

Washington: Actress Dame Helen Mirren still has what it takes to set men’s pulses racing, and this time her sexy action scenes in ‘RED’ have affected even her co-stars, actors Bruce Willis and John Malkovich.

In one scene, Mirren, 65, is shown shooting a gun in an evening gown, and Willis, 55, is said to have threatened to drop out if it was taken out from the action comedy ‘RED’ (Retired and Extremely Dangerous).

“I said if that scene is not in the film I want them to take every shot of me out of the movie. But it’s in. It’s so . . . it’s just sexy,” Fox News quoted him as saying.

“Who knew? I think Helen would’ve been doing action films a while ago – with that .50 Calibre machine gun in a ball gown. Wow!” he said while promoting the film, in which he headlines a group of retired CIA agents, including Malkovich and Morgan Freeman.

Malkovich, 56, agreed he can now die a happy man thanks to the British Oscar-winner’s hotness.

“What more could you want than Helen Mirren with a fire arm? One can pass over to the other side and be happy,” he stated.