Helen Mirren strips off even at 65 for ‘Love Ranch’

London: Thirty years after Dame Helen Mirren bared all in ‘Caligula’, the 65-year-old has stripped off again as a brothel madam in ‘Love Ranch’.

The woman, whose fans list includes Bruce Willis and Russell Brand, credits her enduring appeal to being a simple Essex girl at heart.

“I’m very proud of where I’ve come from. I’ve always tried to work hard and truthfully. My poshed-over voice was all learnt. My Essex girl side does come out very often – I do things for the money,” a tabloid quoted Mirren as saying.

Apart from this, Helen is playing ex-CIA operative with Bruce Willis in the film ‘Red’.

Willis, 55, said watching Helen blazing away on set with a gun was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen.

Despite stripping off so often on screen, Helen has admitted that even she has hang-ups about her body.

“Bits of my body are all right, but bits of me are horrible. To be honest, anything from the waist down I don’t really like,” she added.