Here`s how Zac Efron keeps the romance alive with Hudgens!

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2010, 09:36 AM IST

London: `High School Musical` star Zac Efron feels that his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens has stood the test of time because the couple avoid public spotlight.

The 22-year-old actor, who began dating her after they met on the set of `High School Musical` in 2005, admits the couple "take pride" in keeping their five-year relationship private and try not to let attention bother them too much, a news website reported.

"Not much of it is public to be honest. We don`t talk about it other than the fact that it exists. We just try to keep it to ourselves, which is what we take a sense of pride in because we don`t need to share that," Efron said.

"During `High School Musical` I didn`t know how to handle it, but if you just live your life and keep doing what you do and don`t care if they take pictures - they can`t slow you down," he added.

Efron insists it`s better to keep it low at times which helps you in the long run.

"I sensed a pattern - if you do keep your head down and sneak in the back entrances or whatever then they inevitably stop coming because they`re not getting what they want," he said.