Hit these topless `sexpresso` bars for a steamy coffee soirée!

London: A recent boom in topless coffee bars in one of Washington’s Counties has evoked concern from the local government, which is mulling banning under 18 people from using the stands.

The so-called ``sexpresso`` bars, where ‘baristas’ or waitresses wear nothing but panties and pasties have proved so popular in Port Orchard that five outlets have opened up in the last year.

The residents are considering much tighter restrictions on who can enter the topless bars that are fast becoming more popular than regular coffee shops, reports a daily.

Speaking to KATU.com, a barista said: “Sex sells, and we’re the busiest coffee stand in Kitsap County.”

She also added that the customers love her store.

Cashing in on the popularity, five bars with names such as Fantasy Espresso, Steamy Grounds and Espresso Gone Crazy have mushroomed in the last 12 months.

Speaking to the website, Larry Keeton of the County Department of Community Development said that the local government officials were due to hold a public hearing to decide if the bars should be given ``18 only`` status.

However, owners of the Sexpresso bars said the regulations would harm not just their own businesses, but also the chain of suppliers who they buy from.

“There’s a smaller minority of people trying to speak for a large majority. There are a lot of vendors we all use, too. This just doesn’t touch those in the stand, but out of the stand as well,” Espresso Gone Crazy owner JJ Wilson said.


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