Hollywood director reveals Cameron Diaz invited him to inspect her boobs

London: Kirk Jones, who directed the flick ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’, has revealed his experience when he was called upon by Cameron Diaz to inspect her breasts. The actress plays a pregnant Jules in the romantic comedy.

“I was directing my fourth film in Atlanta, Georgia. It was hot, 100 degrees with 85 per cent humidity and, understandably, Chris Rock wasn’t happy when we’d asked him to wear winter clothes,” a leading daily has quoted Jones as saying.

“I had 36 babies on standby, many of whom were crying, feeding, sleeping or having nappies changed, and we were fast slipping behind schedule. Suddenly the stress of making a movie slipped away and my only concern was Cameron’s figure. Entering a small air-con-ditioned tent, I found her waiting in a silk dressing gown. ‘Ready?’ she said.

“‘Uh huh,’ I replied in a voice more suited to Scooby Doo.

“She opened her gown to reveal an ample pair of breasts and invited me to squeeze them. Precisely moulded to fit her figure and completely believable as her own, these were two of many prosthetic breasts and baby bumps I would have to inspect each day while making a movie about pregnancy,” he said.

‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ started life in 1984 as a pregnancy self-help book and has had permanent residence in The New York Times’ bestsellers ever since. It is considered the undisputed baby bible, with 93 percent of literate women buying it in the US within weeks of discovering they were pregnant.


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