Hollywood producer claims British actresses are too inhibited to be sexy

London: Hollywood producer Paul Breuls has claimed that British actresses can’t be sexy as they are too inhibited.

Tinseltown’s most respected producer has revealed that although British actresses may be the most sought after, yet starlets like Gemma Arterton, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley and Rebecca Hall cannot be sexy as they are very inhibited.

The producer of ‘Devil’s Double’, a biopic of Saddam Hussein’s sadistic eldest son Uday, had considered some British as well as Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses for the role of Sarrab – Uday’s intensely sexual concubine and the film’s leading female role.

Sadly Breuls decided the British actresses weren’t sexy enough and chose French actress Ludivine Sagnier instead.

“The role is very demanding sexually and it’s difficult to find actresses who are willing to take that leap into the sexual unknown, especially in the States or in England,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“Ludivine Sagnier is someone who made our first short list because she’s done some of the most sensual work in French film. She’s uninhibited, and she’s an excellent actress to boot,” Breuls added.


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