Hollywood studios provide website with racy nude snaps, videos

Updated: Feb 23, 2011, 15:42 PM IST

Washington: The owner of a website that is centered on celebrity nudity “from the male perspective”, has revealed that he gets his contents from Hollywood studios.

MrSkin.com, run by Jim McBride, offers movie reviews, photos and clips from mainstream movies.

McBride is actually sent racy pictures and clips for ‘review’ by the studios.

“Mr. Skin helps sell a lot of DVDs and movie tickets, and we hear from a lot of guys who check our site when deciding what videos to rent online,” a website quoted McBride as saying.

“Studios and PR companies hear that, too. It comes down to the site attracting nine million unique visitors every month who are highly motivated movie and TV fans.

“So from the very beginning, Hollywood has recognized Mr. Skin as a promotional powerhouse. We receive screener videos and screening passes from more than 75 studios,” he stated.