How sick Robert Pattinson ruined sexy Reese Witherspoon scene

Washington: Robert Pattinson has admitted that his love scene with Reese Witherspoon on the set of their new movie ‘Water For Elephants’ wasn’t as sexy as it looks on screen.

The ‘Twilight’ hunk was nursing a cold at the time and was working hard to hide his sniffles, but still ended up wiping his nose on her wig during his saucy shots with the blonde beauty.

"The love scene in this, I was doing it when I had a really bad cold. I’m not generally that awkward doing stuff apart from when I’ve got my belly coming out,” a website quoted Pattinson as telling Mtv News.

"But my nose is running all over the place and it was in one of the additional photography scenes, and Reese had this wig on, and literally, I was wiping my nose on her wig.

"We were doing this really passionate love scene. It was really stupid. I guess I’m not that awkward anymore,” he added.


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