Hrithik Roshan is the latest gay icon!

Zeeenws Bureau

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan is being tagged as the new gay icon. Hrithik, the Greek god of Bollywood has definitely got the looks that could kill and more so after his new wax statue at the Madam Tussads, the hunk is grabbing attention not just from the girls but also guys.

While Hrithik has already topped the charts recently for being amongst the Top 10 most kissed celebrities at Madame Tussads, recent reports from the museum are reason enough to justify the newly acquired gay icon status of the star.

According to sources, the museum`s records reveal that not only is Hrithik amongst the most kissed actors but most of his kissing fans happen to be men!

Sources from the museum say that men are found to be kissing the star at all the ‘right’ places.

A while back, after watching the likes of Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham in ‘Dostana’, there was a rumour that Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were the next in line to share a similar on-screen chemistry.

But, looks like there is more company in the form of the newly crowned gay icon – Hrithik!

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