Hubby forced LaToya Jackson to go ‘topless’ for Playboy!

Updated: Jun 26, 2011, 20:38 PM IST

Washington: In her new book, Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya has revealed that hers going topless in the 1989 Playboy edition was a result of alleged abuse by her husband.

The revelation has come as a contradiction to Jackson’s earlier claims that the act was a declaration of independence in response to her conservative upbringing.

“He forced me to do Playboy and then he had me say, ``Oh this is all my idea, it``s something I wanted to do,`` so he was very clever like that,” Fox News quoted her as saying.

“I would never do Playboy again,” she added.

55-year-old LaToya has bared all about her tumultuous relationship with her husband in her book.

“I was locked in closets, I wasn’t allowed to watch television, I wasn’t allowed to have friends or use the telephone or read magazines or books, and lots of beatings,” she wrote. (ANI)