I just wear a bra on the treadmill, says Nigella Lawson

London: Cookery writer and presenter Nigella Lawson has revealed that she burns calories in the privacy of her home by running on a treadmill in just her bra.

“Exercise is the only thing that means I can still eat. It’s about keeping the status quo,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“I’ve got a treadmill upstairs. I lock the door so no-one can come in. I just wear a bra and a pair of trainers and I play very loud music - disco and 1980s - and sing.

“I’ve got a terrible voice. It clears my head because I’m such a frantic worrier. But if you sing really loud, even for just 15 minutes, those worries can’t take hold,” she added.

Lawson, 52, has previously attributed her weight loss to Pilates, cutting down on alcohol and several months confined to the sofa after painful surgery to correct her bunions.