I read books to learn how to seduce women, says Ryan Gosling

London: Ryan Gosling, whose Beckham-like face and breath-taking pecs made grown women take to the streets in protest when Bradley Cooper stole the Sexiest Man Alive title from him, has revealed he needed guidance on how to pull women in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’.

The Canadian actor divulged that while preparing for his role as a serial seducer Jacob Palmer in the comedy, he did a lot of research on what women desire in men, by reading books and men’s magazines.

“I don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s not really like the film,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“I just tried to follow all the rules that men’s magazines give you, like all the ways you’re supposed to dress, all the exercises you’re supposed to do, and all the things you’re supposed to say. Just follow the letter of the law.

“I read that book, The Game. I like to call it The Lame. Or that TV show, The Pick Up Artist. I watched that.

“I don’t know whether seduction can be taught or not. But these gentlemen seem to think that they have something to say, and they have devotees.

“What I like about the film is the philosophy. Even though Jacob’s essentially a knucklehead, at the heart of it, he’s saying: ‘Don’t use pick-up lines, don’t make lame bar banter.
Just talk to them as you would talk to one of your friends. Just talk to them’.

“So, I thought if there’s any wisdom in there, that probably sounds like good advice,” he added.


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