I shaved my legs: Peter Andre

Los Angeles: Singer Peter Andre has confessed that he used to shave his legs when he was younger. Now, he only trims hair from his chest.

"I`ve never done the waxing thing. The only thing I do is shave my chest. When I used to cycle back in the 1990s, I shaved my legs - a bit embarrassing! But as you can see, I don`t have much hair. For a Greek, I`m pretty non-hairy,” contactmusic.com quoted Andre as saying.

"OK I shave my chest, I used to wear earrings and an eyebrow rings, but now it`s a bit of stubble, some product in the hair and I`m out. It`s a 15-minute turnover,” he further added.

Andre, who is going to become a father again soon, is image conscious, but he says he would never go for a manicure or a pedicure.

"With grooming, I draw the line. I feel like pedicures and manicures take grooming to the next level,” said Andre.

Andre`s girlfriend Emily MacDonagh is expecting their baby.


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