I`ve had more women than James Bond: Roger Moore

London: James Bond star Roger Moore says he has been more successful with beautiful women than the 007 spy.

"I`ve always been a hit with the ladies. Over the years I`ve had my fair share of beautiful women. I couldn`t possibly say how many I`ve been out with because I`m a gentleman. But more importantly I just haven`t kept count. I`ve had more women than James Bond," Moore said.

In the 22 films Bond, who is famous for his womanising ways, has had 51 lovers, of whom 16 died. The 23rd Bond film `Skyfall` releases this November.

Moore, who played Bond for 12 years, starring in seven films, however, confesses that most of the women confused him with his onscreen role, the Daily Mail reported.

"I think a lot of the women who threw themselves at me thought they were with James Bond or Simon Templar rather than Roger Moore because I was the same on screen as off screen. I don`t really change.
I`m just me. I used to just play myself and I think they were mesmerised by that. The voice and mannerisms are me but not much else," Moore said.

The actor, who previously confessed of being beaten by his wives, says he is completely different from the suave spy in real life.

"Being a famous film star does funny things to people. People are always very nice but they behave differently around you. I was too good looking to be a baddie. I had to be a hero because I looked like one. But I`m actually a coward and nothing like Bond."