I want my kids to try out drugs in moderation, says Pamela Anderson

Melbourne: Pamela Anderson, who doesn’t seem to be stressing about keeping her kids away from the temptations of Tinseltown, has revealed that she is in favour of legalised drugs.

In a “diary” entry entitled “Intuitive Parenting”, posted on her website last year, the ‘Baywatch’ beauty wrote about her desires for her young ones to “learn to eat right”, “honor their instincts” and “never bully”.

“We want them to practice safe sex, drink and experiment with drugs in moderation, find true love,” the Daily Telegraph quoted the post as saying.

“I really believe in my kids. My kids have had a great foundation. They have seen the world.

“They’ve made great choices. They are really smart people. I am not afraid of my kids surfing the Internet. I think they are making proper decisions, and you can’t be in denial of what life has to offer. I don’t know how much of a role model their parents are, but we’ve had a lot of fun,” she added.


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