Imran shoots his first intimate scene in a bathroom

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Looks like Imran Khan will go through an image makeover of sorts in his next film ‘Short Term Shaadi’.

According to news report in a leading daily, the actor recently shot his first intimate scene in a bathroom!

Yes you read it right. The actor will be seduced by Vinod Mehra’s daughter actress Sonia Mehra in Shakun Batra’s next film.

The film, produced by Karan Johar stars Kareena Kapoor in the lead. Speaking to the daily, a source stated, "Since this will be Imran`s first such scene, producer Karan Johar and director Batra had to explain and convince him to do the scene, which was shot on sets."

In the film, Imran’s character Rahul is an obsessive-compulsive architect who can`t tolerate anything out of place. And he is seduced by newcomer Sonia in a men’s loo.

The source adds, "In this scene, he`s on a date with Sonia`s character, who`s wearing a short outfit. She gets frisky with him, following him to the men`s loo, even into the cubicle he is in. She pushes him against the wall, trying to undress him, licking and kissing him at the same time! The scene begins with a naughty mood and ends quite comically."

Although the actor initially showed his discomfort, but being a thorough professional shot the scene without too many re-takes.

We readers are definitely not complaining. The girls would love to see him get dirty on screen. Right girls?