I’ve kissed Chantelle since we split, says Alex Reid

London: Alex Reid claims that he and his former fiancée Chantelle Houghton “kissed passionately” after they split at the start of September.

The mixed marshal arts fighter claims that the glamour even confessed to still loving him.

According to Reid, this passionate kiss happened after he released his totally embarrassing video plea a couple of weeks after the split, in which he begged Houghton for them to “sort out their problems,” the Mirror reported.

“I went to Brentwood to see Dolly and help Chantelle move out,” he told Now magazine.

“After a couple of hours of being with her there was real chemistry between us. We even got romantic. We passionately kissed,” he said.

When asked whether they’d got down and dirty, Reid said: “No. It was far too soon for that. But she told me she missed me and still loved me.

“I really hoped we could resolve our problems and get back together,” he added.


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