Jason Biggs, wife hire prostitute to spice up marriage!

London: Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen had hired a prostitute merely a year after getting married, to spice up their marriage.

The ‘American Pie’ star’s wife, who played a minor character Nina Ash in ‘Angel’, wrote a lengthy blog, full of foul language, about their sexual escapades on the website The Smoking jacket.
In the article, which is affiliated with soft porn magazine Playboy, the 32-year-old actress describes how she “wanted to do something special for his birthday” and as a year “in Gemini years is like 12”, she decided to bring in a prostitute.
“So my husband and I got a whore,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
“I’m hoping, unless you’re some sick depraved dissolute of a person, this isn’t the kind of thing you hear everyday.
“If it is, f*** you, I thought it was pretty gangster,” she stated.
The TV actress went into great depths to explain the couple’s squalid experiences, which included hiring a masseuse recommended by a friend, who turned out to be a disappointing professional massager, a girl name “Eva” in Los Angeles, who turned out to be a “three foot tall Filipino”.
Last but not they least, they hired a girl named Keisha, who was paid 600 dollars and successfully performed a sex act on the 33-year-old actor but only ended up being bored.
“We spent the next half hour lying in bed with Keisha and listening to her crazy stories,”

The couple has now been married for three years.


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