Javier Bardem had a crush on Brad Pitt

Updated: Jul 20, 2010, 15:30 PM IST

Los Angeles: He may have tied the knot with Penelope Cruz, one of the most beautiful women in the world, but actor Javier Bardem felt like a teenage girl whenn he met Brad Pitt as he was so in awe of his "beauty".

The `Eat, Pray, Love` star, who recently married long-term partner Cruz in a secret ceremony, felt like a teenage girl when he met Pitt because he couldn`t believe how handsome he was, Elle magazine reported.

"I had the great opportunity to meet Brad Pitt acouple of times. what a beauty. He is beautiful and his physicality is so amazing to see. But the beauty really comes from different places - the way he talks, the way he`s interested in what you`re saying. And that body is like - wow! It`s amazing, no? He really made me feel very, like. I don`t know, like, I could fall in love with him!," Bardem said.

"Like a teenage girl getting crazy and screaming like that. I met him only twice, but he was so nice, so generous and very true to himself, and I don`t know him that well, but I would say it`s a good self. And that is when the beauty comes, voom! And if you have a body besides that," he added.