Jennifer Aniston’s easy transition to sex-crazed dentist in new flick

London: Jennifer Aniston, who turned to her ‘dark’ side to play a sex-crazed dentist in her latest flick, clearly has no qualms about getting down and dirty.

The actress, best known for her years as girl-next-door Rachel in TV hit ‘Friends’, said she had no second thoughts about portraying horny Dr Julia Harris in ‘Horrible Bosses’.

Gorgeous Aniston, who showed off a new dominatrix-style look as she promoted her sexiest-ever movie in London, even admitted she relishes raunchy nude scenes because she is in such fantastic shape.

“That was the fun of it, how far it went. It’s very vulgar and very rude but that’s what’s fantastic because it’s so outrageous, it’s limitless,” the Daily Star quoted the ex- wife of Brad Pitt as saying.

“I have never come across anyone like her so it was pretty much just going into my own dark imagination,” she added.

In the new film, Aniston plays a dentist who sexually harasses her assistant, played by Charlie Day.


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