Jennifer Lopez defends raunchy acts

London: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has come out in support of Rihanna and Lady Gaga`s raunchy onstage moves, saying the music scene would be "boring" without the acts.

Lopez, 41, said that such acts are a part of their job and every artist depicts one`s own style on the stage, reported a magazine.

"It`s part of our job to push the envelope and test the boundaries. If you don`t, it gets boring. So I love everything. I`m an artist and I love what they do. You can`t
ask them to not be who they are," said Lopez.

R&B star Rihanna has always created controversy with her saucy stage acts, which included her 2010 performance on Britain`s `The X Factor`. The performance prompted thousands of viewers to complain to the UK TV watchdog.

Gaga, who is famous for her bizarre style of dressing and creative onstage appearances, has had her share of critics for her boundary-pushing performances.


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