Jennifer Love Hewitt sets record with love scenes

London: Hollywood beauty Jennifer Love Hewitt filmed love scenes with 26 different men over a period of two days for her role as a prostitute.

The actress, who plays a housewife-turned-call girl in the TV movie `The Client List`, said that the filming left her exhausted, reported Sun online.

"We shot all those scenes in two days and I did 26 lingerie changes and 26 clients in those two days. I was truly a working girl making this movie," she said.

The 30-year-old beauty said that she found the experience hilarious and was always laughing in between takes.

"I would be in a room with one guy then out again and back in with a different guy and a lingerie change. I was cracking up a lot of the time and so were the crew because it was so odd," said the `Ghost Whisperer` star.

The actress had raised eyebrows when she had said in a recent interview that she understands why women take to prostitution, calling it a "recession proof" job.

"Given where we are economically, it`s an interesting story. This is the most recession-proof business there is! Samantha has no choice at the end of the day but to give everything that she can in order to take care of her family," she had said.