Jenny McCarthy still stunned by Playboy opportunity

London: After so many years, model Jenny McCarthy still finds it hard to believe that she became the Playboy Playmate just an hour after showing up unannounced for a talent shoot.

She recalls how a cruel boss of a city modelling agency told her that she’d never make it in the business and after that she plucked up the courage to visit the Playboy’s Chicago, Illinois headquarters.

Devastated, McCarthy ran across the road and into the Playboy building because she simply couldn’t bear to return to the Polish grocery store where she worked.

And that’s where the magic started.

Initially discouraged by a snooty receptionist, who told her she couldn’t just walk into the pages of the men’s magazine, an executive told her to try out as a Playmate at a photo shoot while she was planning to leave near the elevator.

"I put on a bikini... I didn’t know how to pose; it was like a mugshot. I went home and within one hour, and this is not an exaggeration, Playboy called and said, ``You’re Miss October!” the Daily Express quoted McCarthy as saying.


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