Jwoww’s blocked nude pics more graphic than ex admits, says her lawyer

Washington: ‘Jersey Shore’ star Jenni ‘Jwoww’ Farley’s blocked nude pictures are more graphic than what her ex-boyfriend had revealed, says her lawyer.

Farley is happy that she has won the first legal round in her fight against ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis, preventing him from releasing a series of nude photos that he took of her, said her NY-based attorney Rudy Fusco.

“Jenni is obviously very happy that the judge saw it her way,” a news channel quoted Fusco as saying.

“Tom is out there right now, doing a lot of press, radio shows and the Twitter, the Facebook—all that fun stuff.

“I saw a post of his describing the pictures, and that’s not the whole story—trust me. The pictures are a lot more graphic than that. They’re not what he’s making them out to be,” he stated.

The pictures in question were allegedly taken when the reality star was under the influence of anaesthesia, both before and after she had liposuction and a second boob job.