Katy Perry barred men from nude video shoot

Updated: Jun 19, 2010, 10:02 AM IST

London: Singer Katy Perry who stripped off for the new promo of her video "California Gurls", banned all heterosexual men from the set because she didn`t want them to see her naked.

The `Hot n Cold` singer made sure while she was posing nude lying on a bed that it was a closed set and nobody was allowed in except for girls and gay men, reports a news website.

"The cotton candy clouds! I was naked. It was really fun to do. We had to do like a closed set because we didn`t want anyone seeing anything," Perry said.

"You weren`t allowed (on the set) unless you were a girl or you`re gay; I think that`s probably like the standard for all girlfriends. Anyways, I was really excited to do something like this and really nervous. But it turned out (okay)," she added.