Katy Perry wants Rihanna to strip at her bachelorette party

Melbourne: Pop singer Katy Perry has revealed that she wants pal Rihanna to strip at her bachelorette party.

Perry, who is set to tie the knot with British funnyman Russell Brand, has given the responsibility of organizing a pre-wedding party to Rihanna.

“(Rihanna) has all these ideas about everything. You see people coming and they strip at your bachelor party but I want her to strip at my bachelorette party. She’s going to get the message right now. She’s hot, I love her. She’s just the coolest chick and I want all of her clothes. We have a lot in common. We like to hang out every once in awhile; sometimes we’ll see each other at different events, ” the Daily Telegraph quoted Perry as saying.

“I don’t know if she started this rumour that she’s going to do it (the bachelorette party) or if she just hopped on the bandwagon of the rumors like, ‘I’m going to do it!’ That’s the one thing that I don’t have to plan, which I’m really excited about,” Perry added.