Keira Knightley selected butt double in ‘Domino’

London: Keira Knightley has revealed that she hates her bum and refuses to get it out in films. During an interview on ‘Jonathan Ross Show’, the 26-year-old actress described how much she enjoyed selecting a bottom double for herself in Hollywood.

“I did a film called ‘Domino’ and, I have this policy in films where I say, ‘You can have the top half but you can’t have the bottom half,’ and it kind of works quite well,” a leading daily has quoted her as saying.

“There was this scene in ‘Domino’ where I was meant to do a bit of a strip tease and a dance with a thong on. I was just like, ‘It’s not going to happen’, so I said ‘Could you get me a bottom please?’ And they said, ‘Absolutely’. So I went into a room with Tony Scott, the director, and these three women came in and just dropped their trousers and he was like, ‘Well, which one do you want?’How do you say to the bottom double, ‘Well I don’t want that one, that one’s crap?’ Well obviously you don’t because the woman’s standing there. You can’t be rude. I was just looking for one that’s around the same shape as mine, just a bit better. So there was one that was really amazing and I was like, ‘No one’s going to believe that’. They then go out and you discuss the bottom! It’s tricky – and you go, ‘Do I introduce myself or not, because it’s a bit weird if you don’t?’ The girl we picked had a lovely bottom, but you don’t get a feel,” she added.