Kellan Lutz takes extra care for topless scenes

London: `Twilight` actor Kellan Lutz says he took extra care to ensure he was in prime physical condition for `The Legend of Hercules`.

The 29-year-old actor said he put in more effort than usual at the gym and carefully watched his diet to prepare for his role, reportedly.

"I keep fit for roles and I love my fitness. I`ve got a film called `Hercules` coming up and I`m in a loincloth or topless for that, so I had to take extra care of myself," he said.

The blue-eyed star loves cooking but admits he would be happy to survive on a diet of just vegetables. Quizzed what food he`d pick if he could only eat one, Lutz answered, "Organic raw vegetables, full of nutrients - it`s the only choice. I love cooking Italian. I make a mean chicken cordon bleu."

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