Kendra Wilkinson propagates `frequent sex`

Washington: Kendra Wilkinson believes that people should have as much sex as possible because according to her, frequent lovemaking makes one healthier and more beautiful.

The former Playboy model insists that regular bedroom activity has lots of benefits including improving your natural attractiveness.

“Sure sex is fun, but did you know it’s also good for you? Sex Makes You Beautiful. It’s true! Sex makes your lips and cheeks flush and your skin glow,” Contactmusic quoted her as writing on her blog.

“It also increases your blood flow, which pumps oxygen and nutrients into your skin and organs. Also, after sex women tend to hold their heads higher and sway their hips, making them even more attractive to men. Bottom line: it’s a confidence boost that does wonders,” she wrote.

The 26-year-old, wife of Hank Baskett has also been praising the health benefits of frequent sex insisting regular romps stop you from getting sick.

“Sex Relieves Stress. Studies show that sex lowers your blood pressure and overall stress levels,” she said.

“Sex Boosts Your Immune System. Having sex a couple times a week increases antibodies in your body that protect you from colds and other infections," she added.

Wilkinson and her footballer husband have a varied sex life and often make love outside of their bedroom to keep things exciting.


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