Kendra Wilkinson wants to bite Beyonce’s butt’!

New York: Kendra Wilkinson is a hot siren herself, but can’t stop gushing about her favourites in Hollywood – especially Beyonce’s derriere, which she likes so much she would like to bite it.

The former Playboy Playmate couldn’t stop praising Scarlett Johansson and Beyoncé at Svedka`s BartonBotCamp at David Barton Gym, reports The New York Post.

Wilkerson said she "loves Johansson`s legs and lips because she has sexiness without trying."

And she finds Beyoncé`s butt so nice she "wants to just bite it!"

Her own body, however, is reserved for Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett and she`s nicknamed her legs "Hank`s happy trail."


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