Kim Cattrall was upset by ‘raw catcall’ scene in new film

Washington: Kim Cattrall has revealed she was upset as men had to ‘catcall’ her during a dance number in her new movie ‘Meet Monica Velour’.

The ‘Sex and the City’ actress said that one scene where she was heckled by the men in a bar affected her because of the ‘rawness’ of it.

“It was exhilarating really, at the beginning, but then it got tricky. The insults from the audience came about five or six times, since had to get different angles,” a website quoted her as telling the Scotsman.

“After I got offstage and went back to the dressing room... those catcalls, like, ‘Do you have Depends , the incontinence-relief underwear, on under there?’ started affecting me. I was upset,” she said.

“If you go online, you don’t read that sort of age rage. Even still, it’s one thing to read it and quite another thing to hear it. That was really raw for me,” she added.


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