‘King Con’ claims he earned £2m by sleeping with 2,500 women

Updated: Jan 03, 2011, 12:26 PM IST

London: A conman in Britain, who was nicknamed King Con after he brazenly duped people, has claimed that he had earned 2 million pounds from his life of crime, and slept with 2,500 women.

Paul Bint, 48, who just days after being released from prison has been bragging about his con games, had posed as a wealthy hospital consultant, a barrister and a merchant banker while seducing the women.

Among his unwitting victims were two who fell for his spectacular lie that he was actually the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, after meeting him through a dating service.

Bint was a life-long benefits claimant whose only known legitimate occupation was when he briefly trained as a hairdresser in his teens.

Bint’s criminal record dates back to the age of 15, but he found his skill for deception after stealing a stethoscope aged 21, going on to pose as a doctor on hospital wards.

Following his release, Bint claims to have blown 2 million pounds on super cars, diamond jewellery and five-star holidays bought using fake or stolen credit cards.

Bint, who lives in Windsor, Berkshire, kept ten different girlfriends on the go at one time using ten separate aliases.

“All men dream - it only becomes dangerous when those dreams turn into reality,” a daily quoted him as attempting to paraphrase ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, T.E. Lawrence.

“What I’ve done is turned a lot of my dreams into reality. I’ve gone that extra step. Instead of fantasizing what it would be like to own a Ferrari I went out and got one.

“It made me feel successful. For me it was about totally forgetting who Paul Bint was because I disliked that person so much I couldn’t even be him. I’m still the same now,” he stated.