Kylie Minogue blames director for raunchy ‘All The Lovers’ video

London: Kylie Minogue has insisted that the raunchy video in the promo for her track ‘All The Lovers’ wasn`t planned by her.

The pop star had earlier caused a stir in May (10) when she frolicked in a skimpy, slashed dress and knee-high boots in her ‘All the Lovers’ promo, surrounded by semi-naked men and women.

But despite all this, Minogue insisted that she had planned a more sombre image for the shoot - and was asked to don sexier clothes by the director.

"When I get to Los Angeles for the video shoot, the director says ``No, actually I don``t want you in a long black dress, I want you in something white and something really tiny.`` So - pants and boots! Oh God, here we go again," the Daily Star quoted her as telling This Morning.