Kylie Minogue can`t be serious in sexy outfits

London: Pop princess Kylie Minogue says her costumes reflect her mood and she ditches her serious self when she is dressed in a sexy outfit.

The 42-year-old singer, who is currently on her `Aphrodite - Le Folies` tour, said when she wears a saucy costume her humour switches to "slightly tongue in cheek", Contactmusic reported.

"If I wear something very sexy, it`s usually slightly tongue in cheek. We all have our own thing and mine seems to be hot pants. There will definitely be a hot-pant moment on this tour," said Minogue.

And the `All the Lovers` hitmaker is excited about being able to wear hotpants even at this age. "I couldn`t ditch them even if I tried because they are always put in the designs. I`m going to be celebrating my 43rd birthday on this tour, so I`m sort of glad to still be wearing the hotpants," she said.

Minogue admitted she gets annoyed when people accuse her of copying pop diva Lady Gaga`s style.

"Of course it annoys me when people say I copied Lady Gaga. I think she`s amazing, but she`s a totally different artist to me. Back in the day, I was accused of copying Madonna - but my approach is very different to hers."