Lady Gaga doesn`t have a penis, confirms English journalist

Updated: May 24, 2010, 15:08 PM IST

Melbourne: Singer Lady Gaga doesn`t have a penis, an English journalist has confirmed.

The 24-year-old star took the journalist into the Berlin sex club`s VIP toilet to dismiss the penis rumour during a big night out in the German capital with her entourage, reports

"Gaga sits on the toilet with a cheerful, `I`m just going to pee through my fishnets!`, and offloads some of those whiskies," the Times of London`s Caitlin Moran wrote of the encounter.

"For the first year of her career, massive internet rumours claimed that Gaga was, in fact, a man - a rumour so strong that Oprah had to question her about it, when Gaga appeared on her show.

"Perhaps uniquely among all the journalists in the world, I can now factually confirm that Lady Gaga does not have a penis. That rumour can, conclusively, die," Moran added.