Leonardo Dicaprio denies J Edgar Hoover was a transvestite

London: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has dismissed longstanding rumours that FBI boss J Edgar Hoover was a flamboyant cross-dresser, branding the gossip "completely ridiculous".

The 37-year-old plays the enigmatic Federal Bureau of Investigation boss in new film `J Edgar`, and the movie tackles speculation Hoover was in a relationship with his deputy Clyde Tolson, reported Daily Mirror.

However, after thoroughly researching the role, DiCaprio is adamant tales of Hoover`s transvestism are false.

"People still think J Edgar Hoover dressed up as a woman. But that`s completely ridiculous. There`s no way in a million years he would have shown up at a party dressed in a frock with lipstick on, gallivanting around as some people think.

"That story came from a woman whose husband had been thrown in the slammer by the FBI and she wanted to get back at Hoover. He knew about those rumours and they haunted him through his entire career," DiCaprio said.


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