Liberace’s gay lover reveals romance with MJ

London: Liberace’s lover Scott Thorson has sensationally revealed that he shared an intimate relationship with Michael Jackson.

Thorson, who was once the late showman’s teenage toy boy, has spoken out about his relationship with Jackson in a new US TV interview, alleging their friendship became intimate behind Liberace’s back.

The socialite, who claims he introduced the King of Pop to the plastic surgeon who “did his nose”, hints that he became close to the pop star just before he broke away from the Jackson 5 to launch a solo career.

On being asked on Entertainment Tonight if his relationship with Jackson was just a friendship, Thorson paused admitting to it, “Yes,” before laughing and adding, “Michael’s not here to defend himself.”

When asked if there was ever anything sexual between himself and Jackson, Thorson said that he wasn’t comfortable giving out details of his relationship.

“Michael and I had a relationship that... Yes... It crossed the boundaries (of friendship) and that’s about all I’m comfortable about saying,” he said.

“We were both young, we both liked each, we had a lot of fun. We went all over Europe together. Michael was my best friend, I was his best friend,” he added.


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