LiLo’s braless routine ‘could see her ladies sinking to the floor’

Updated: May 14, 2011, 18:21 PM IST

Washington: Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has lately been garnering attention by showing up on red carpets sans her brassiere.

Lohan has even attended court proceedings, where she faced an angry judge and the real possibility of going to jail for an extended period of time, without any support.

Her most recent braless escapade was when she turned up for her induction in LA wearing a sheer black dress and no bra.

However bra experts have slammed Lohan for consistently refusing to wear a bra, despite her ample assets, claiming she is continuing to tread on the path of self-destruction.

According to experts, Lohan has around a 34-D cup size, making her a prime candidate for a serious underwire bra.

They warn that gravity is a vengeful mistress and soon enough Lindsay’s ladies will be sinking to the floor.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden says the damage to Lindsay’s breasts has likely already been done from her refusal to wear a bra.

Walden says Lohan will likely be a candidate for a breast lift in the near future. Neglecting her body in her early twenties just means that Lindsay will need to go under the knife to fix the damage before her 30th birthday, reports Fox News.

Lohan’s predicament could also have serious repercussions on her career.

“Most of the projects Lindsay is going to get going forward will probably involve some nudity, that’s just where she is at right now in her career,” a Hollywood casting agent explained.

“If she keeps doing damage to her body even those roles are going to dry up,” he added.