Maddy kissing news irks Bipasha Basu

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Our very own Bong beauty is mighty peeved with news of a kissing scene with co-star R Madhavan in her upcoming flick ‘Jodi Breakers’.

The daily apparently said that Madhavan had eaten onions before shooting the scene and Bipasha had to rush to her room to get herself rid off the smell.

Venting out her anger on the kissing scene news that, Bipasha Basu tweeted, “Disgusting n ridiculous news abt me n maddy`s kissing scene 2day in 1 of d dailies! Looks like d ppl who wrote it kissed maddy fr d scene!(sic).”

Bipasha and Madhavan have turned thick friends ever since they started shooting for the soon to be released film. And Bips does not appreciate a word against Maddy. Talking about what she feels about the actor, Bips said, “Maddy is a total gentleman n knws way more than basic etiquettes with costars specially ladies! Wonder whr this hs come frm?!?!(sic).”

A few days ago, while talking to reporters, the dusky beauty had said, “I am scared of kissing on screen. Yes, on-screen kissing nerves me to death and I had a really very uncomfortable experience in `Jodi Breakers` with R Madhavan who is a friend.”

“I had to kiss him, it was important for the film, so there was no convincing that was required. I knew I would do it but the process is not easy. Even for `Raaz 3`, it’s not going to be easy but don’t scare me from now. When it comes to it, we shall see,” she added.