Madge once put MJ’s hand on her breasts during 1991 dinner

London: Queen of pop Madonna is said to have once taken late King of pop Michael Jackson’s hand and placed it on her breasts as they were having dinner together at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Craig Brown revealed the incident, which took at the Ivy restaurant, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, in March 15, 1991, in his latest book, which is based on total facts, the Daily Mail reported.

Brown wrote that as the dinner progressed, Madonna, who was wearing a black jacket and hot pants with lacy stockings, thought she spotted Jackson taking a sneak peek at her breasts.

Grinning, she snatched his hand and placed it upon them, following which Jackson recoiled.

Later during their dinner, she saucily dropped a piece of bread down her cleavage, and then fished it out and popped it into her mouth.