Madonna strips to her bra on cover of new single

London: Madonna wears little more than lingerie on the cover of ‘Girl Gone Wild’, the second single off her forthcoming studio album MDNA.

The cover that was released on Tuesday has the 53-year-old singer in a black, triangle-shaped lace bra that doesn’t hide much, and very nearly leaves the superstar exposed.

The pop star doesn’t cover up in other articles of clothing, either, flaunting most of trim and toned stomach, the Daily Mail reported.

Her mouth is open in a suggestive pose, and her blonde locks are artfully tousled.

Everything about the cover is suggestive, including the title.

‘Girls Gone Wild’ is, quite famously, a video series created by Joe Francis where college-age girls perform various sexual acts on camera.

Madonna’s new electro pop single even seems to be channelling the films with her lyrics.

The lyrics of the song are ‘girls just want to have fun’ and ‘get fired up like a smoking gun’ and though she realises that she ‘shouldn’t act this way’ because ‘good girls don’t misbehave’, she’s a ‘bad girl anyway.’