Maybe I will strip when I am 40, says Shakira

London: Pop singer Shakira is not ready to pose naked for videos or photo shoots.

"I don`t want to and I don`t have to. I couldn`t strip naked," quoted her as saying.

The 33-year-old reveals her reluctance to strip off is grounded in her because of her Catholic upbringing in Colombia.

"I was brought up in a very Catholic environment. My father has Lebanese roots. I grew up on the North coast of Colombia where life is quite traditional. There are things I`m not courageous enough to do."

But the singer, who appeared in a skin-tight body suit and danced in a cage in her video "She-Wolf", says there are chances that she might change her mind after some time.

"May be when I`m 40 I will change my mind (about stripping). Around 10 years ago I couldn`t imagine putting on a skin-tight body suit and high heels and dancing in a golden cage, hanging upside down from the bars. Today, I`m saying I`ll never show myself naked. Our opinions change all the time," she said.