Mel Gibson played with puppet before making love, reveals secret lover

Melbourne: Mel Gibson’s secret lover has revealed that the movie star used a beaver puppet before making love to her.

Violet Kowal has alleged that she was Gibson``s secret mistress for five months last year.

She even told that when Gibson would meet her, he used to put the puppet on his hand to go through a bizarre routine before they made love.

"He would talk to me through the puppet, saying ``Hello, how are you today?`` and play around with it before we had sex. He acted like a child. It was pretty weird," the Courier Mail quoted Kowal as telling UK``s Sunday Mirror.

Kowal, 26, claimed that she met Gibson a year ago.

She even revealed that Gibson was a chain-smoker and was conscious of his age.

"He came across as a single man. It was only later I realised he was seeing me behind Oksana``s back," she said.

"He said he injected growth hormones into his stomach to make him look younger," she added.

Gibson turned nasty and threatened her when the relationship disintegrated and he feared she would go public about their tryst, the actress claimed.

"He called me up from a blocked number so I wouldn`t know it was him. He screamed at me ``Listen you bitch, do you know who this is. Don`t f--- with me or I will make you suffer``," she added.



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