Mexican airline flight attendants pose for Playboy

Mexico City: A group of flight attendants from Mexicana airlines, which has been in limbo since suspending operations last year, pose almost nude in this month`s edition of Playboy Mexico, which went on sale Tuesday.

The flight attendants had previously done a calendar showing them striking sensual poses, though without quite so much erotic content.

In the photostory "Aeromozas Mexicanas" (Mexican Flight Attendants), six of them appear in lingerie accented with elements like stewardess caps and pilots` characteristic peaked caps and sunglasses. Some photos use airliners as a backdrop, as can be seen in a promotional video.

Since flights of bankrupt Mexicana were suspended, employees have been waiting for the government, owners and investors to reach an accord so the airline can start flying again.

The erotic calendar launched in November 2010 featuring 10 flight attendants was aimed at collecting funds to support the work of unions serving the labour force.

The initial edition was a thousand copies, but eventually 4,000 were printed to meet the demand.

At the beginning of December, Playboy Mexico signed with the calendar`s promoters to launch a sponsored second edition of 25,000 copies.

Despite repeated promises of investors and the government - giving different dates - that the airline would be back in the skies once more, the future of Mexicana and its more than 3,000 workers is still uncertain.