Mila Kunis fell asleep in intimate scene with Timberlake

London: Actress Mila Kunis says she fell asleep while filming an intimate scene with Justin Timberlake for the movie `Friends with Benefits`.

The 27-year-old says that the pair had to do so many naked scenes during filming she eventually became tired and needed to take a nap, reported a website.

"Towards the very end, we were shooting the lovemaking scene at his father`s house. It was like an 18 hour long day and 17 hours into it, I was laying there and he was kissing my back and I was like, `I`m just going to close my eyes for a minute. Next thing I know you`re like, `OK, we`re done!` I literally took a nap! (sic)," Kunis said.

Timberlake, who plays the male lead in the movie says they had a choice to do the intimate scenes at the beginning or the end of the shoot, and the pair chose to do it at the
end because of the amount they had to do.

"We wanted to push it to the end because you`re like, `Oh man, we`re going to have to do a lot of stuff.` It was two five-day weeks with a couple of days to just try stuff out. Some of it made the movie (sic)," he said.


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