Miley Cyrus dreams of foot fetish with Lady Gaga

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: ‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus admitted, via Twitter, to having kinky dreams featuring mega-star Lady Gaga.

In an unfathomably awkward tweet, @MileyCyrus described a strange recurring dream she’s been having for some time now:

“Why do I keep having this reoccurring dream of me & @ladygaga giving foot rubs to each other. SO WEIRD.(sic)”

Heaping on some more self-embarrassment on Christmas, the Disney teen icon informed her 11 million followers: “looked up what ‘foot rubbing dream’ mean and it said I’m lonely.”

Miley’s close friend Cheyne Thomas offered her a help-line with a tweet that read “@MileyCyrus maybe subconsciously ur longing for a foot rubbing party with gaga hahah.”

But dear old Miley wanted to keep it strange, not for the first time. As if her previous tweets weren’t TMI enough, she added a last one to drive the bizarre point uncomfortably home: “@CheyneThomas oh no it`s very conscious. I wanna rub Gags feet. #ilikefeetilikethemwheniwakeilikefeet”

It’s never easy understanding what’s going on inside that strangely coiffed head of hers; but this time, she’s gone that extra mile to leave us completely flummoxed!

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